Home Remedies For Yeast Infections In Dogs

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    Simple home remedy for yeast infection in dogs ear?
    My dog has had 3 ear yeast infections in 2 years. The first time she had it we took her to the vet and payed 80 bucks for drops. She didn't like those so much. >.> The second time she got an infection it lasted several months before going away on it's own. Now she has another one and I can't afford to take her to the vet again. Is there some simple home remedy that I could possibly spray in her ears? I've heard about using alcohol and vinager(sp?) but I don't know what the exact measurments are. >.< I'd rather it be something I could spray in her ears since she dosen't like people messing with them too much.

    • ANSWER:
      I truly believe I have tried every product/home remedy on one of my dogs who suffered from yeast infections in her ears. None worked. What did work was changing her diet. Look for a grain-free food, or one without corn, wheat, and rice. Wellness Super 5 Mix, (formerly fish & sweet potato,) is what I use for her, and she never has yeast infections any more. (Except when she breaks into the chicken/cat/guinea pig/rat/human food :-)
      Good luck.

    Home remedy for yeast infection in dog's ear?
    I've heard wiping the inside of their ear with diluted white vinegar can rid a pup's yeast infection. How diluted? And do you do this daily until it's cleared up? I've had dogs in the past that have had yeast infections in their ears, and know the symptoms well. I've never tried this home remedy but it sounds much better than medications and ear drops with who knows what in them. Anybody try this and did it work?
    I have no problem taking her to the vet, I was just asking if anyone has heard of this and if it worked. My dogs are fed homemade food and I prefer to keep them on homeopathic/home remedies.
    Thank you, Ruth for answering my question. ;-)

    • ANSWER:
      I have been using this method for years! If his ears are extremely inflammed and have strong odor already, he probably does need an antibiotic ear flush @ the Vet. If not, you can use and eye dropper and put 3-4 drops each into the canal, fold the ear down, and massgae foe about 30 seconds. Then use an ear cleaner with NO alchohol and throroughly clean his ears. (I use Ark Naturals Ears All Right) For preventative measures, put 3-4 drop (dependning on how large he is) in each ear bi-weekly. This neautralizes the yeast and prevents buildup. I have a Sibe who is allergice to whest gluten, and he used to get infections into the canal. Ever since I started with the vinegar (4 years ago) he hasn't had a single infection!!! You could try using
      ADDED: I would highly suggest getting him onto a wheat free diet (low gluten as well), as wheat is the #1 culprit for causing yeast infections. I rotate my dogs between Innova and Merrick along with Raw additives and probiotics.

    What are some home remedys for yeast infection in dogs?
    My dog keeps getting yeast infections around her eyes and in her ears. I have taken her to the vet plenty of times. She is five years old, German Shepherd. It is costing me too much money. It cost me about 0 worth of medicine. I have taken her about four times. Once she has the medicine she is good for a couple months then it comes back again. What home remedies can I use to make it go away again and how can I make it stay away? It is a yeast infection. My aunt is a dog groomer, she said some breeds will catch stuff and it is hard to get rid of.

    • ANSWER:
      my dog used to have problems with yeast infections ... i switched her to a salmon-based limited ingredient grain-free diet (natural balance) and i added raw organic apple cider vinegar to her morning kibble daily ... after that she had no more problems for the rest of her life ... you should google the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar ...

    what's a good home remedy for clearing yeast infections in dogs?

    • ANSWER:

      Neem Oil seems to be a rapid cure-all for dogs ear infections. I have used it with my toy poodle before and it worked in a couple of days where other treatments didn't.

      Using a dropper, fill the ear canal with Neem Oil, then massage it in for a about a minute, then wiped off the excess with a cotton ball. This was done once a day for a few days. Highly recommended.

    Is there a home remedy for Yeast Infection in dog's ears?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this homemade ear cleaner. It has worked better for ear infections in my dogs that anything I ever got from a vet. The ingredients are all available from a pharmacy without a prescription. Mix them in a 8 oz. bottle that had an applicator tip (like a hair coloring bottle from Sally Beauty Supply). Use it every day when you see your dog scratching their ear or if it smells or has discharge. Squirt some in and massage the ear canal well. When is cleared up, use it weekly for prevention. Try to trim any hair from the opening in the ear to help air get to it.

      6 oz. isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
      1 teaspoons boric acid powder
      **Mix well until the powder dissolves**
      add 2 oz. white vinegar, then add one teaspoon of Betadine antiseptic
      **shake well now and every time before using**

      Also go read the ingredients panel on your dog food as grain allergies (grains with gluten, similar to celiac disease in a human) might be contributing to yeast overgrowth and ear infections. Most vets were not trained in pet nutrition and will recommend popular foods (or the Science D*** they sell) but not tell you to eliminate grains. Check these sites to understand good dog foods:


    Any home remedies to treat yeast infections in dogs?
    My dog has a yeast infection of the skin. I cant take her to a vet right now bc I live about 2 hours away from the nearest one and money is tight right now. Im kind of at my wits end and I was wondering if any over the counter products work, like Vagisil. Ive seen many things online in research on what to try, but its so overwhelming. Any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      There is an easy fix for a skin yeast infection. The smell can be reduced almost overnight with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and borax.

      To prepare the solution, add one tablespoon of borax to one liter of 1% hydrogen peroxide, mix well and spray on the dog all over. Make sure that the entire skin is in contact with the solution. Do not rinse and let dry. This solution should be applied everyday for a week. Most if not all of the smell should be gone by the second week.

      Borax is a non-toxic anti-fungal compound which will help in eradicating the yeast infection. Borax is a natural mineral that has a wide variety of uses. It is a component of many cosmetics, used as a food preservative, detergents, enamel glazes, etc.

      CAUTION: Make sure that you use Borax, NOT Boric Acid which is toxic. Borax is non-toxic and can be found in the laundry aisle at most major discount stores and grocery stores and it is very inexpensive.

      Good luck.


      Never alow your vet to prescribe Prednisone or any other steroid to your dog. Just like in humans, steroids will cause more harm than good.Vets can be very irresponsible when it comes to the prescription of steroids because they are well aware of steroid side effects.

      As Dr. Karen Becker, DVM states - "Steroids (also called prednisone, cortisone or the nondescript allergy shot ) are the least optimal treatment choice, as they work by suppressing your pet s immune system. Not only can steroids have a negative effect on your pet s liver, adrenal glands and kidneys, but suppressing your pet s immune system with steroids also allows for opportunistic yeast and bacteria to grow on your pet s skin, sometimes increasing the chances that antibiotics may be prescribed."

      Please read 'Steroids The Great Pretender - Even Low Steroid Doses Can Be Trouble'.


    Mom's dog has yeast infection and needs home remedies?
    My moms dog has recurring yeast infections in his ears. She wants to know if their is anything she can try out since vet bills and the meds she has been giving him are a bit expensive, we want to know our alternatives. Her dogs ears stand straight, and he IS prone to allergy infections. I was thinking that the benadryll he take for his summer allergies would be god for him to take to help his ear. (If you know anything about dogs youll know why i am saying this). Also, how do i advise her NOT to use vagisil or monostate as an alternative. Certainly you cant use these right? Its not the same bacteria. Any one ever use the half vinegar/half water solution and have it work? He recently had a food allergy that we are still in his 3 month period of toxins leaving out his body, and hair is growing back, and he is gaining weight again. I believe his infections will stop once he has gotten all the food he had an allergy to is out of his system. As i said just giving mom some advice dont be rude to me for asking. -thanks-
    TEP is for ear mites, and she doesnt have the ability to oder products off the internet. hint the home remedies thing.
    not sure what he was eating, but now he is eating alpo and it has helped his hair and body get back to its natural state and plus some.
    He has been getting meds from the vet, but shes tired of how expensive it is. Hoping its from his diet, it should be out of his system soon. But as if now he needs something because he seems to be itching a bit again.
    I need reasons why (when i tell her) to not use monostat. She seems to think its the same ingredients on the bottle of ear oitment he has been receiving from the vet

    • ANSWER:
      Assuming you have figured out what the food allergy is, and removed it from his diet, your vet should be able to prescribe a medication to kill the yeast in his ear (which is different than bacteria BTW).

      I think it is unlikely that benedryl or vinegar will help

      In addition to that, try giving him caprylic acid in his food for a week or so, and then adding either acidophilus or giving him yogurt.

      Caprylic acid kills yeast in the system, and acidophilus can help overcome any yeast overgrowth in the digestive system. That could be part of his problem.
      What is the medication the vet is giving him?
      Did you look at the ingredients?

      Alpo has both corn and soybean meal in it, - common allergens, and not usually good for dogs with food allergies. Your dog probably needs a better food that does not contain either.

    does anyone know any home remedies for a dog who has a yeast infection in their ears?
    our female english mastiff has an ear infection, and we want to know if there are home remedies or herbs we can use to clear it up, not something expensive we have to get through a vet or some website, something we can buy at a store and use at home.

    • ANSWER:
      since it is a yeast infection..don't laugh, it really works..monistat or any other feminine yeast product will work on your dogs ears! it has essentially the same basic ingredients as the mometomax that your vet will prescribe.

      no treatment will work however if you don't take precautionary steps to preventing another infection. first, clean the ear well with an ear solution (from pet store) and cotton balls. apply some of the monistat into the ear canal and massage the ear thoroughly (you want the medicine deep into the ear). clean and apply med once daily until a significant imporvement is seen, then move to once every other day, and ween off like that.. yest is caused by moist dark places, so do everything within your power to keep your pup's ears dey.

      good luck hope this helps :)

    What would be a good home remedy for dog ear infections?
    I was wondering What would be a good At home remedy for smelly ear infections in a dog. I believe it is a yeast infection again. Can anything make the dog feel better & what can i do about the smell?

    • ANSWER:
      though I would recommend a vet. I found this online

      and here is another i found..all natural

    Home remedies for dog yeast infections in the ears?
    My dog has yeast problems and I can't afford the pricey vet bills. I've heard about 1 part water to 1 part vinegar, but haven't tried it yet. Has anyone tried this or have any other things I could try? Her ears are really smelly right now. They don't really seem to be bothering her too much. She scratches a little though. She is also on NZYMES pills from nzymes.com. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      My dog had yeast infections in both ears. I cleaned them with vinegar water every few days, and eventually they cleared up and now she has no more infection. =) There's also a concoction you can make. I've never tried it personally, but it seems like it would work. I have all the things to make it, but never got around to it. xD And I'd also be careful it doesn't stain anything when the dog shakes it out, but here's the link:

      PS: It's not just for Cocker Spaniels, but all dogs. =P

      EDIT: Oh, and also, you can get an otoscope to check her ear canals to see if they progress and if whatever you're using is working. Good luck, and hope this helped! =)

    What home remedy can I use to treat my dogs ear infection?
    I have a yellow lab that has a small ear infection. While I am more than willing to go to the vet, is there any cheap over the counter remedy that I can use to treat, obviously if it does not improve then would take to the vet, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      You really need to go to a vet straight up. If there is a yeast or bacterial infection, the dog really needs medicated (antibiotic/antifungal) ear drops to clear it up. The other thing with ear infections is that it's important to check that a/ there is nothing down the ear that has triggered the infection (e.g. a grass seed) and that the ear drum is not damaged in anyway. If there's something down the ear, then the infection's not going to go away regardless of what it is treated with. If the ear drum is damaged, you have to be very, very careful about anything that is put in the ear- some products, even veterinary ear drops, can lead to problems such as deafness if they are put down the ear canal and are able to pass through into the middle/inner ear.

    Can someone tell me the home remedy for curing yeast infection in a dogs ears?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't think that yeast is common in a dogs ears. Yeast usually happens in warm moist areas. Anyway yeast prefer alkaline environments. Dilute vinegar, 1/2 cup to a quart of water, can be put on a washcloth and the ears wiped out several times per day. If no help, see the vet. Would not use the creams for human skin in a dogs ear.

    dog ear infection home remedies?
    i think my dog might have an ear infection she keeps scratching her right ear very slowly and when i rub her ears it sounds like there's water in them does anyone know a home remedy to clear it up. I heard something about vinegar or rubbing alcohol

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what it is. Since there are different types of infections of the ear one remedy will not work for the other. if its bacterial you will need an antibiotic. If its yeast the ear will look moist, red & inflamed & smell. If that is the case women's vaginal yeast medication will work. If the infection is caused by ear mites, there will be dark - dirt colored waxy debris coming out of the ear canal onto the folds inside the ear flaps.

    Looking for home remedies to get rid of dog yeast infection?
    Have been to the vet cost lots of money for nothing.It is an external one.Have done the research and this is what it is.

    • ANSWER:
      How about Monistat? Tee Tree Oil?

    Home remedy's for ear yeast infection?
    i have a chocolate lab who has been treated several times for a ear infection. the vet seemed to think it was a mite infection, and when treated with medicine, the systems did not go away. After doing some one line research, i have come to the conclusion that it is in fact a yeast infection. However i can not currently budget taking my dog to the vet and wondered if there were any home remodys to help limit the problem for the next week or so until i can get him to the vet. side note: he also scratches his ear alot and seems to have cut his inner ear in the process, how bad will this counteract with the yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      I have found the best way to treat a yeast and/or bacteria is a solution my vet told me to use. It is 50% white vinegar and 50% rubbing alcohol. I put it in a small squeeze bottle and squeeze it into the ear then use baby wipes to wipe out the ear. The cut will be irritated by the solution and you can use a neosporin type cream on that. Try to do it b4 he goes on a walk to limit the scratching.

    Can anyone recommend a home method of curing a yeast infection in my dog's ear?
    He is a dachshund. I know it is a yeast infection because my dad's beagle has the same problem. His ear is constantly itching and it smells like feet or cheese. Also, there is a black stuff coming out of his ear. My dad has taken his dog to the vet numerous times and has paid lots of money on creams but it doesn't seem to work. I actually used one of those ear candles on him but that didn't help very much. I have heard that placing plain yogurt on the effected area would help. Or using vinegar water. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no home remedies for your dog's condition, so bring him to a vet as soon as possible. Stop assuming that this is what he needs because the truth is he needs a vet who will look after his real condition. If you want to make him well as soon as possible, see a vet.

    My dog has a yeast infection in his ear. Help?!?
    My dog has a yeast infection in his ear. We've tried everything to help the little guy but nothing seems to work. We've taking him to several vets and he's had several antibiotics but they only seem to make it worse. Do you know of any home remedies that are safe and effective for curing this yeast infection in his ear? By the way, he won't eat yogurt, tried that already.

    • ANSWER:
      Some dogs with chronic yeast infections in the ear require systemic anti fungal medications. Usually an external ear canal infection is treated topically but if his is not resolving with just tropicals ask your doctor about oral anti fungals. Also some dogs with chronic ear infections or yeast infections of the skin should have there thyroid level checked. Chronic ear and skin infections can be an indication of hypothyroidism. Food allergy's can also exacerbate ear and skin yeast infections. If your vet is not covering all the bases maybe you should seek advise from another one.
      ADDITIONAL: Yeast in the ear of a dog is malasseziapachydermatitis, vaginal yeast infections are caused by candida albicans. They are similar oragnisims but not the same.

    Ear yeast infection -Home remedies?
    I'm pretty sure my girl has a yeast infection - she has been violently scratching her right ear, flipping her head frantically too - since last night... in fact, she slept on my bed and kept me up most of the night doing so...

    I looked at it this morning, and I don't notice anything significantly differant about that ear, except some reddish wax... it also doesn't have a significant smell.
    In any case, I took some vinegar and swabbed her ear out with Q-tips... I also tied the ear open with all the hair she has, so that it has airflow.
    For the moment she is being still and not scratching, because I keep telling her to "lay down" and "leave it"... but it won't last long....

    Please don't persecute me for asking for a home remedy - my parents just spent 0 at the vet on a dog who got a blockage, and they aren't about to spend anymore on something like a yeast infection unless it gets really bad, and it seems to be in the very beginning stages right now, so I think I can catch it.

    Thanks guys!

    • ANSWER:
      Without a significant smell, I doubt it is a yeast infection. The symptoms sound more like ear mites. Look more closely and see if there are any tiny black specks, if so, that is the problem. You can get an over the counter remedy from most pet stores for under .

      I would recommend using Naturvet brand tea tree oil ear wash. The tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic and will help clear up any infection (though prescription antibiotics will work faster and be much more effective). You mentioned you tied your dogs ear open with some of the fur, I would assume that your dog has naturally flappy ears that have closed. If so, regular cleaning with a quality ear cleaner will stop any future problems. Dogs with long flappy ears are more prone to ear infections.

      Another symptom to look for is an oily coat. If your dog has excessively oily skin, or has a dirty dog smell even after a bath, the problem could actually be a reaction to an ingredient in their food. If your dog has these symptoms, look for wheat corn or soy in the food. If it is there, find a food without these ingredients. There are plenty of great foods on the market that do not use these ingrediens, but you won't find them at big box stores. You will need to go to a locally owned pet store with employees that actually know about the product they sell. You will want a grain free, or at least wheat, corn and soy free dog food. Natural Balance has an excellent line of called L.I.D. It stands for limited ingredient diets. They have one protein source and one carbohydrate source.

      As an aside, I am also prone to ear infections and use the Naturvet tea tree oil ear wash on myself. It works wonderfully.

    Home remedies to sooth dog's ear infection?
    I have a 4-year-old male black lab mix, Toby, with the most pathetic whimper you will ever hear. Unfortunately, he is very prone to ear infections, as most labs or floppy eared dogs are. His infections are pretty bad, and right now he has one in both ears. Until we see a vet (when we have the money, as it's tight right now,) is there anything I have at home that can help sooth his ears? I know it's recommended to clean the ear before using drops, so is there anything either cheap or once again, around the house I can use?
    Thank you very much for your answers. I know it's painful to have an ear infection, and I myself have been in situations where I haven't been able to visit a doctor for various reasons, and found alternatives until I was able to.

    • ANSWER:
      Of course he needs to see a vet, but it's good you are at least trying, instead of doing nothing. Do you have vinegar? Mix it half and half with water, put it on a towel and gently clean out the wax, this will especially help if it is a yeast infection. Peroxide is very harsh on dog's ears.

    Are there any good home remedies for ear infections on dogs?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I don't know about the infection itself, but my lab gets ear infections caused from allergies (and yeast infections!). We give her plain yogurt every night, and just your common benadryll, and it seems to help her a lot. A warning on the benadryll, though, it doesn't always work for all dogs, and it might make your doggie drowsy.

    Dog yeast infection, help?
    My dog has a skin yeast infection, also in her ears as well. I have taken her to the vet and they told me she has allergies...O.K. sure, she just suddenly developed an allergy. I took their advise anyways and changed food, yadda yadda. Hasn't worked. She still smells like Fritos and toe jams and is also not regrowing the hair that she has lost and scratching.

    I came across an article that said to give your dog a tablet a day of vitamin C. She is a Chihuahua and about 6 pounds. Should i give her half a tablet a day?

    Also, would anyone know of some good shampoo? I used an all natural one from a good pet store, but it only helps for a couple of days.

    Any home remedies that people have used and that have worked?
    Moondog, the only reason why I say that she didn't just develop an allergy out of the blue is because she was around a dog that had the same yeast infection problem. I know yeast infections aren't contagious but, whatever caused that dog to develop one, he gave to my dog. Because none of this started happening until she was exposed to that dog. And the vet that i take her to (Banfield), are f'ing clueless as to what is the real problem that is going on with my dog. And no, the vets gave me nothing besides yeast shampoo that only treated her symptoms, not cure them.

    And also, she is on a grain free diet.

    • ANSWER:
      i used to have a jack russell who had recurrent yeast issues ... i put her on a limited ingredient, grain-free diet and i added raw organic apple cider vinegar to her kibbles daily ... she never had another yeast infection again ... i have not heard about vitamin c and allergies ... i have just started bathing my little guy with johnsons and johnsons baby shampoo ... it is literally the only shampoo that has not made him itchy for a day or so after a bath ... and if you try a limited ingredient diet, pick a protein the dog has not had before and try to stick to a strict diet for at least a couple of months to see if the diet helps ... but you should definitely look into raw apple cider vinegar (not heinz from the grocery store) and if it has "mothers" that is the best ... it is inexpensive to buy a bottle and it is effective ... and other health benefits too ...

    my 50 pound dog has a ear infection.Any home remedys?
    I took her to the Vet and he said Benadryl 2 times a day for thiry days,I think hes tring to kill my dog/So Im looking for help with a home remedy that can ease the pain and scratching.Im cleaning daily with Bactine and Neosporin on a cutip on the visible bad spots(from scratching) and try to keep thr inner ear clean.HELP

    • ANSWER:
      You really need to take the dog to the vet and let them treat the infection because ear infections can get really painful for the dog and you could be treating the wrong problem. How can you tell if it is bacterial or yeast infection? Plus a lot of ear problems have underlying causes.
      Very few ear infections get better without medical assistance, if left untreated the infection might cause the eardrum to rupture causing a middle ear infection and loss of your pet's balance and could result in loss of hearing.
      Find a new vet!!

    foul smell coming from dog's ears... :S?
    hi there, my fiance's parents have a shihpoo who has what i think may be a yeast infection in his ears, when you flip the ear open (which seems to hurt him a lot) you can smell this foul Oder, they dont have a cent to take him to the vet right now and i was wondering if there is a home remedy that would be safe to try, i know he needs medical attention but theres nothing i can do about that. so if you know anything i can try please share with me, i really want to help him, if i was to pin his ears up and put a cone on his head so he cant touch them would the air help? any info on this would be great. thanks.
    the dog is not mine and i cant take him to the vet, i have my own animals who i have to pay for on a very small salery, i've tried conveicing them to take him but they wotn... nothing i can do on that part, i was just wondering if there was a home remidy that would help.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no home remedy that works. You could try informing them that failing to provide necessary vet care is against the law, and they can be prosecuted for neglect. It only costs - for medication, plus the cost of an office visit. Really, it sounds harsh, but it's the truth: if they can't afford the dog, they need to find a home for him that can take care of him. Nothing will help a yeast infection other than anti-fungals, IF it's a yeast infection...it could be bacterial, too.

    Any body know of a home cure for an ear infection for a dog.?
    the vet wants 800 dollars which i currently do not have to cure an ear infection on my dog ,on the infected ear it is draining fluid which we clean daily with an ear wash for dogs,the infected ear emits an ugly smell, the dog does not seem to have any pain at this time but shakes his head side to side,any body have a home remedy for infection and for this ugly smell until we can gather a down payment to start treatment, what about for the smell only as we have had to leave him outside because the smell is so bad.
    I forgot to mention that he has a foxtail in his ear that has to be removed surgically, we will have this procedure done as soon as we can get a payment plan, mean while what about solution for the odor as the whole house is smelling like something died under our bed.

    • ANSWER:
      Is it yeast? The most common infection in dog's ears is yeast. Any fungicide will kill it. You just have to clean out the black icky stuff and either apply a fungicide or use rubbing alcohol in the ear. Lie the dog down on his side. Pour in a capful of rubbing alcohol. Leave him lying down for a minute. Roll him over and repeat on other ear. Do it 3x a day for a week. If it is yeast, you will see VAST improvement before the week is up. Just do this once a week from then on to prevent regrowth. It costs fifty cents, it's easy, and it works for yeast.
      You could use a fungicide too, but I just happen to like the 50cent fix that actually works.

    This infection attacks the tail and duefolds of the skin on the hind-quarters of Gus. And he's just plain miserable the poor soul. I just don't know how to help my friend of over 8yrs.now... any advice would be greatly appreciated.He's a beautiful proud black border collie/lab mix that has always taken pride in his soft silky coat and alfa male tail. I can tell he's embarrassed and ashamed of his strongest features now that they are baren patchy and scaily now, as well as I'm sure tender and sore too... . WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE. GUS NEEDS YOUR HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      Get your friend to the vet. He is in misery and you want to try home remedies how cruel can you be. You have let it go on too long already. You could have maybe tried something else in the early stages but now it is too late. Go to the vet ASAP.

    Home remedy for a dog with an ear infection?
    I have a rat terrier mix and she is already on 2 types of medication for seizures but she has an ear infection. I was wondering if there is a safe home remedy cure because the vet is expensive and it doesn't help when they try to rip you off. Any safe remedies?

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the type of ear infection.
      If it is a yeast infection then you can use an over the counter "feminine" yeast infection product. Just a small amount (like a pea size) and rub it into ears, also clean out the ear gunk (will be brownish/reddish and SMELLY) with q-tips.

      If it is just a basic ear infection you can squirt a little diluted vinegar (50/50 vinegar to water) into the ear and then clean it out with q-tips.

      If it's ear mites then check at your local pet store or grocery store and there should be an over the counter medication that's about .

      I would also suggest calling and asking the vet what at home remedies they would recommend, sometimes they can help and will understand the financial strain.

      GOOD LUCK!!!

      This has more on the vinegar remedy...http://www.seefido.com/online-dog-vet/html/ear_infections.htm


      Looking for a safe less expensive alternative to help your pet does not mean you love them any less. Also, just because you could 'afford' them in the beginning doesn't mean you always will be able to, sh*t happens, there is no shame in finding an alternative it does not make you any less of a responsible dog owner.

    Is there a home remedy to treat ear mites in dogs?
    will rubbing alcohol help keep the ears dry and therefore get rid of ear miites? I know as a kid I would get swimmers ears and we would treat it with alcohol and it would clear up.

    • ANSWER:
      There are tons of "home remedies" for ear mites. However none of them are effective and most of them will actually create additional problems with the ears. You can buy drops for ear mites in pretty much any pet store or farm supply store. These generally won't cause problems in your dog's ears, however they take FOREVER to work (we're talking months here, especially if your dog has a heavy mite load) and may never kill all of the mites. Plus, ear mites can move out of the ears and live quite happily on your dog's skin for periods of time, moving back into the ears once the irritating/toxic substance (ear mite drops) is gone.

      Do NOT use alcohol in your dog's ears. Alcohol is VERY drying and will cause irritation and damage to your dog's skin. If there are any cuts, even microscopic ones, alcohol will burn like crazy. Besides, ear mites are NOT caused by moisture in the ears. Ear mites are a parasite. Your dog gets them by coming into close contact with another infected animal (could be a dog, cat, even wildlife such as rabbits and squirrels).

      Which brings me to another important point. You really need to take your dog to the vet do properly diagnose the problem. Contrary to popular believe, ear mites are NOT the most common cause of ear discharge and itching. Yeast and bacterial infections are FAR more common than mites. A vet needs to look under a microscope to determine what kind of infection your dog has. Treating the wrong kind of infection not only doesn't help, it can actually make the problem worse. For example, antibiotics for a bacterial infection can actually cause a yeast infection if the dose isn't correct (or if there isn't a bacterial infection to start with).

    Question about curing my dogs ear yeast infection?
    my dog has dog ear yeast infection, im using white vinegar and peroxide, ive been cleaning his ear with it for about 1 week (if that long) , and his ear still isnt cured.. how long will it take before its cured, & what other home remedies can help cure this ? ( ive heard raw apple cider vinegar works).

    • ANSWER:
      Cleaning your dog's ears with vinegar is good as a *preventative*, not a cure for a full-blown infection.
      Your dog needs to see a vet.

    Ear mites(dogs)Home remedies?
    I saw on t.v that you can use olive oil in the ears.This true?also I think my dog may have mites in her feet.Can I also use a home remedy on this one?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't even know it HAS mites.
      Mites,bacteria & yeast infections all require DIFFERENT treatments-by the vet.
      NO sloshing salad-dressing around!!!!!!!!!

    My dog has an yeast/ear infection. Remedies?
    My dog has blank junk coming out of his ear. I took him to the vet and they want me to bring him in everyday and it will cost 20 bucks a day because he is over 10 kilos for like 2 to 3 weeks. Is there any home remedies or do I have to spend like 500 dollars for an yeast infection? It doesn't seem like my dog is affected by it too much. Will it just go away?

    • ANSWER:
      My dog gets ear infections constantly, some are just prone to them and like you, I was finding it painfully expensive to have it treated. You can try some other solutions first and if it doesn't work, then go the vet route.

      First, clean your dogs ears thoroughly with a specially formulated clearner (I use Avena Sativa, it's an all natural cleaner with oats, kinda like Aveeno for dogs)

      Then dilute some white vinegar and carefully wipe the inside of your dog s ear with a damp cotton ball or soft wash cloth. Massage the outside of the ear gently to loosen debris and then wipe the inside of the ear dry with a clean soft cloth.

      If your dog is prone to infection, make sure to clean his ears everyday and keep doing the diluted vinegar rinse until the infection is gone. If you do not start seeing a change within a couple days I'd say to go back to the vet and get some antibiotics.

      Hope this helps! :)

    question about my dogs eat yeast infection?
    my dog has ear yeast infection, what are some home remedies to curing my dogs ear yeast infection without having to go to the vet and spending a fortune. could someone please answer this for me. my dad feeds him 5 hot dogs everyother day, ive told him not to but he just doesnt get how dangerous this is, & could someone also tell me what makes hot dogs bad for dogs???

    • ANSWER:
      Feed him yogurt. Take him to the vet as it could be more than a yeast infection.

    My dog has a yeast infection ontop of her tail. what home remedies(or alternative med) can be used?
    I was told she had an allergy to fleas, but after reading online.it appears it is a yeast infection. She has been on a new dry food "science diets "advanced protection. its called. I think it appeared after she changed from innova food to this..not sure tho.She has a bad odor, crusting on the main itch spot top of her rear at tail base. She really scratches alot. Poor dear. SHes a 6 lb pom.4 yrs old. PLEASE any advise appreciated.no $ for vet

    • ANSWER:
      If it's on top of her tail at the base you can be fairly sure it's due to fleas. You need to attend to the flea problem both on the dog and in the environment where she lives.
      It will get worse very quickly if you don't take action.

    my dog has an ear infection. any home remedies or solutions to help me?

    • ANSWER:
      A true infection is going to require antibiotics for which you will need to see a vet. Also a vet can rule out the possibility that it is a foxtail seed (they work their way in deeper all the time)
      A good homemade earWASH - for routine cleaning only - (my vet's recipe)
      1 part apple cider vinegar (discourages yeast)
      1 part hydrogen peroxide (antiseptic)
      1 part water
      (I usually make up about 1/4 cup each at a time and refrigerate leftovers)
      Put in clean dishsoap bottle. To use, fill ear canal with solution and gently rub base of ear. Allow dog to shake its head. You can wipe out softened goo with a cotton ball over the end of your finger but you should never stick a q-tip down into a dog's ear.

    Does anyone have any home remedies for yeast infections in dog ears?
    YES I have taken her to the vet...many times, nothing works...and yes I have been feeding her a food with alternative protein sources which has helped. But her ears are really stinky..right now she is laying under me and I can barely stand it...I have tried just cleaning them regularly but I havent found anything that works really well. The ear medicine from the vet just makes it worse, and any ear cleaners are too chemical and sting her....Also the problem is she uses her feet to scratch her ears and then licks her feet and sticks them in her ears again it makes her feet stink too, I do make her stop but I am noy here all of the time sooo...If anyone knows a remedy that can be used on the feet too? kill the bacteria there as well as in her ears would be nice...
    PS the vet told me it was yeast infection... I got her as a stray but I can tell her other owners didnt take care of her ears one is scarred from an hemangeoma (sp) I think that is what its called so anyone with experience of a dog with chronic ear infections would be helpful.....

    • ANSWER:
      A vinegar solution is pretty good to use. Take 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Use something like a turkey baster or a baby nose bulb or a syringe, something to get the solution in the ears. Once the solution is in, rub the ears at the base (on the bottom close to the head) for about 30 seconds. Then take a cotton ball and wipe out any debris that comes out. You should do this 1-2 times a day for 1 week and then as needed.

    Does my dog have a yeast infection?
    I have a pitbull she is 1 1/2 years old. She never licks herself. Last two days she has been licking constantly and she like smacks her lips after like shes still licking but isnt, like something is on her tongue. Is this a yeast infection? any home remedies for dogs?

    • ANSWER:
      i think so. especially if she is licking constantly. here is something that may help. Ways to Control Yeast / Fungus Overgrowth
      Treatment: External Problems

      Bathe: Use a sulfur-based or medicated shampoo for fungus, one with Ketoconazole - KetoChlor Shampoo by VirBac - have your vet order it for you.

      Then use a Baking Soda rinse after shampooing, it will be quite helpful with the overall itchiness, skin problems and inflammation.

      Mix two (2) teaspoons of BAKING SODA per gallon of warm water; make sure to mix it so it completely dissolves - poor over pet, do not rinse off.

      After bathing and animal is dry: Prepare a 2 % solution of Oxy-Drops (Mix 1 teaspoon with 1 cup (8ozs.) of distilled water). Use this to spray or wipe skin, ears, and feet with to prevent secondary bacterial infection. (order below). Some people report wiping areas with Listerine stops itching.

    Yeast infection...(Natural Remedies)!?
    My 2 year old German Shepherd has a yeast infection in his ears, skin, and anus.
    I have done a lot of research online and many web sites suggest using vinegar, yogurt etc.

    My question is;
    Do you know of any ALL NATURAL remedies known to treat and cure yeast infections in dogs?

    Please respond only if you have treated this condition your animal all naturally and gotten good results.

    Please tell me what you used, how much, and how often.

    -Thank you!!
    To: PomMom Spay & Neuter
    You are so horribly mistaken, it pains me to even read your uneducated response.
    There are tons of all natural remedies to treat this condition. Not to mention thousands of success stories on the internet.
    I am asking for other peoples PERSONAL experience and knowledge about this condition. I do not believe in pumping my animal full of harmful and toxic medications. You are exactly the type of closed minded person who I did not want replying to my question.

    • ANSWER:
      Lack of answers must tell you there are no natural home remedies and your dog needs to be treated by a vet.

      That's exactly what they are...STORIES - NOT fact. I can Google Big Foot on the internet - doesn't make it true! If it were that simple, you would have gotten a lot more responses! Call your vet and ask - the phone call is FREE. And how do you even know it's a yeast infection? Are you a vet? Looks like it's YOU that needs the education!

      Yeast infection is a FUNGUS and is killed with FUNGICIDE - NOT yogurt! ROLFLMAO

      The internet is NOT a suppose to be a substitute for proper vet care

    Is there any home remedies to treat my dog's ear infection?
    She has a yeast infection in her ears and I heard that there are ways to treat it without going to the vet and paying too much money for what they use to treat it.

    • ANSWER:
      No, you need to take your dog to the vet for proper diagnosis and care.

    what is the best home remedy for yeast infections in dogs ears?
    Labrador/Retriever 3 years

    • ANSWER:

    Yeast Infection in Fixed Female Dog?
    So I ve done a lot of research. My dog has been in and out of vets offices for allergies, HOWEVER, no vets ever addressed issues regarding discharge from her Vagina.

    Her current symptoms are as follows:
    -Itchy face
    - red rings around eyes
    - licking her lips funny
    - licking/chewing her legs and paws
    - red waxy ears
    - discharge from vagina, excess licking of vagina (scooting when her cone is on)
    - She used to have crusty spots on her tummy

    Our dog is now on probionics and is getting washed down there with some tea tree oil and water. Our dog has been seen by 3 different vets for allergies and have spent over 00 in the past 2 months. She seems to be getting better slowly, but I m wondering if there is something else we could be doing.

    ANYWAYS, I ve heard of a lot of different ways to get rid of a yeast infection, but I m looking for a personal experience. How were you able to clear up your dogs yeast infection? What worked for you? How long did it take? Thank you.
    The dog has been on special food for several months - Duck and Potato RX from vet because he thought it was a food allergy. we have seen no change in her while on the food.
    Dog is also medicated with
    - 75MG Benadryl
    - Pregnazone (dont htink i'm spelling that right.)
    - Probiotics
    PS. Check out my previouse question to see the full run down of when this started and all the prev treatments.

    • ANSWER:
      Somehow my dog Dio managed to get a Bacterial yeast infection in his ears due to his terrible allergies. We were given a round of antibiotics and RX strength ear cleaner that helped, but didn't clear it up entirely. I feel your pain, I too have spent a lot of money trying to give my dog some comfort. However, I recommend try these natural and easy remedies.

      1. Slowly change her food to one that is specifically for dogs with allergies. IE, Natural Balance which is a limited ingredient dog food. Many dogs have a grain allergy, and some other odd allergies, and this food is excellent. I just switched my dog Dio to it because of his extreme allergies (all the same issues with itching, but no yeast infection), and its helped him immensely. You could also switch to Instinct, it is a bit more expensive, but one of the absolute best out there for allergies. Most dogs prefer the rabbit formula.

      2. Yogurt, plain yogurt is a natural way to fight off a yeast infection in both people and dogs. Plain yogurt is also very good for dogs. You can also give her veggies like green beans, carrots, and most dogs love sweet potato. My boys love plain yogurt with a few peeled and sliced apple in it.

      3. Use an antibacterial/antifungal shampoo when bathing, and pay special attention to the area in question.

      4. You can give the dog Benedryl for the itching. The dose is 12.5 mg for every 10 lbs of dog. Start out at four doses a day, and adjust your doses to how your dog is doing. The vet told me that Benedryl is an acceptable alternative to the Hydroxazine she was giving Dio, and told me it was a lot cheaper. The only difference is that the Hydroxazine is a bit stronger per dose. However, Dio didn't need the strength in the Hydroxazine, and he's doing fine on the Benedryl. There's also a product out there that is wonderful for dogs with skin/allergy problems. Its called 3V Capsules HP. You can get them from your vet or order them off the internet. They were amazing when Dio's fur started falling out.

      5. Avoid feeding your dog treats or foods that have colors, grains, or fillers in them. Many dogs have an allergy to grains, and colors that are in many of their foods or treats. Dio can't have any milk bones that are colored. I make my own treats for the dogs that have all natural ingredients in them, and are grain free. He loves the apple/carrot bones.

      It took around 1 mo. for me to see improvement, and closer to 4-5 mo. for other people to notice how much he'd improved. His fur has grown back in, and he's doing great. You do have to remember that some infections like the yeast infections are biological, your dog could very well be prone to having them, and management is going to be your struggle. However, I challenge you to try these home remedies, and see for yourself the results

    are there any home remedies to treat my dog's ear infection?
    She has a yeast infection in her ears and I heard that there are ways to treat it without going to the vet and paying too much money.

    • ANSWER:
      Mix 1-2 drops T36-C5 melaleuca oil + olive oil. When treating ears use a dropper and massage the ears after medicating them. Be careful of the animal shaking it's head. Do no put the dropper inside the ear. Apply a slightly warm mixture twice a day until alleviated. swab excess along the flap of the ear with cotton ball. You can use this once a week after the infection is gone to prevent it from coming back.

    Dog with ear infection, help..?
    My dog (9 month westie) has an ear infection it's only in the one ear (yeast ear infection) we've taken him to the vets twice and paid 50/100 for some ear drops each time which are not working.

    He still itches his ear until its red raw, we clean them everyday and he brown ear wax, his ears also smell terrible (cheesy smell). I've read white vinegar and water works, is this true??

    Is there anything we can do (home remedies) which will work without having to pay 50/100 for no results??
    He has all the symptoms for a yeast infection-
    Pawing at Ears
    Ear Scratching
    Rubbing Ears
    Foul, Rancid Smelling Ears
    Brown, waxy discharge
    Red, Irritated ears

    (Happy new year)
    Meant to say half white vinegar and half water (warm)

    • ANSWER:
      vinegar is going to sting your dog's ears. There are several home remedies available online, but I use a little warm mineral oil. Using an eye-dropper, put the tip in the ear as far as it will go. You do not need to worry about damaging the ear drum as dogs ears are built with a sharp bend before you can get to the ear drum - unlike human ears. Squeeze the warm (skin temperature) mineral oil into the ear and massage the base of the ear for a couple of minutes. When you let go of the dog's ears he will shake his head vigorously. some of the wax will loosen and you can swab the ear with a cotton ball or a piece of soft cotton cloth. If anyone in the house wears cotton underwear and has some old pairs that are ready to be thrown out, the material is great for sensitive dog ears.

      If the ears are very dirty, do once a day until the ears clear up, then once a week as part of a regular hygiene routine

    malamute ear yeast infection remedies?
    From what I have read , and what the vet told me My malamute has yeast infection in his ears.It cost allmost 0.00 for a vet visit and medicine.I am low income,Is there something out there I can use to remedy this infection.He does'nt seem to have a bad odor from his ears,nor does he have hot spots.,He does scratch his ears alot and he does rub his face on occasions , and he chews on his feet at times not alot.Hs skin is very sensitive .He looks like he's going to melt when I rub my finger inside his ears ( pure pleasure )There are a few spots on his body that I rub or scratch , and his leg starts a kickin.

    • ANSWER:
      ok, there ARE easy and effective home remedies for ear infections and hot spots.

      For hot spots, apply a flea repellent (frontline) to assure no fleas -- you should be doing this anyhow, and use "super ivy dry" from your local drug store. Put on three times a day. Gold bond powder is also good. A normal hot spot will go away with this treatment (there are more serious ones that require steriods and antibiotics, but these are rare).

      The itchies -- try a grain free food.

      For ear infections, there is an easy and cheap solution!


      16 Oz. Isopropyl Alcohol
      4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder
      16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%

      Mix together in alcohol bottle and shake well.
      You will also need to shake solution every time you use it to disperse the Boric Acid Powder.

      TREATMENT: Evaluate condition of ears before treating and if very inflamed and sore do not attempt to pull hair or clean out ear at all.

      Wait until inflammation has subsided which will be about 2 days.
      Shake the bottle each time before using.
      Put cotton balls or similiar absorbent material under the ear.
      Flood the ear with solution, (gently squirt bottle), massage gently to the count of 60, wipe with a tissue.
      Flood again on first treatment, wipe with a tissue, and leave alone without massage.

      The dog will shake out the excess which can be wiped with a tissue, cotton ball, etc as the Gentian Violet does stain fabrics.

      The SCHEDULE of treatment is as follows:
      Treat 2x per day for the first week to two weeks depending upon severity of ears
      Treat 1x per day for the next 1-2 weeks
      Treat 1x per month (or even less frequently, depending on the dog)

      All of these ingredients should be available at a pharmacy.
      The Boric Acid Powder soothes the ear.
      The Gentian Violet Solution is an anti-infection agent.
      The solution appears to work well on any and all ear problems from mites to wax to canker.

      After the 2nd or 3rd day you can clean out the ear with a Q-tip or cotton balls.

      The success rate for this treatment is 95-99%.

      If an infection seems to be remaining in the treated ear after the above course of treatment, you may also have some Pseudomonas bacteria in the site.

      This can be eradicated by using a gentle flush of raw apple cider vinegar and wateR(warm)

      Use 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of water, 2 x per week.

      They have found the Blue Powder Solution to be effective for treating fungus-type infections on the feet and elsewhere on the dog, for cuts on dogs or people, and for hot spots.

      Remember it is for external use only ..so be careful not to get into the eyes.

    How to get rid of dogs yeast infection in ears?
    I have a 9 month old puppy and today me and my mom went to the Vet's because we had thought he had lymes disease the appt was and the test was so all my mom had brought with her was about 0 and while we were there they took a swab of gunk out of his ears and they found out he had a yeast infection in his ears and so the medicine for that was kind of pricey and my mom couldn't pay for it and so we were just wondering if there was any home remedies type stuff to get rid off it? And please dont say "if you cant pay for the dog dont have one" blah blah.

    • ANSWER:
      once a dog has an infection there are no home remedies, the dog does require medication from the vet ... but if your dog is prone to yeasty ears, you can try adding raw apple cider vinegar to his kibbles daily and he will not have yeasty ears again ...

      this is an excellent medication for all types of ear infections ... it is goopy so it stays in the ear ... and within an hour it brings relief to the dog ...

    yeast infection in dogs ear?
    I have a floppy earred dog. He itches his ears incessently. We have treated him a few times before for yeast infections but they keep coming back and the meds are getting very expensive. I read that diluted white vinegar can help clean it out. Will feeding him yogurt with live cultures with his food help as well, or can I just depend on the white vinegar mixture?

    • ANSWER:
      Allergies are another common culprit for ear infections in dogs, but can be treated using simple home remedies using a few ingredients you may already have. If you ve noticed a brownish-pink waxy substance in your dog s ears, then chances are he s suffering from a yeast infection, possibly caused by allergies.

      If this is the case for your dog, try the home remedy of first cleaning your dog s ears thoroughly using a specially formulated dog ear wash, then dilute white vinegar and carefully wipe the inside of your dog s ear with a damp cotton ball or soft wash cloth. Massage the outside of the ear gently to loosen debris and then wipe dry.

      One home remedy touted by many as a successful way to combat a dog ear yeast infection is feeding your dog a healthy, homemade diet or a very high-quality commercial dog food that is free of corn, additives and preservatives. The reason for this is that the previous ingredients, or toxins as they can be referred to, can add to the amount of ear wax your dog produces, thereby increasing his risk for a dog ear yeast infection.

      The adrenal glands in dogs are designed to produce a natural steroid which reduces inflammation, and adding vitamin C to their diet can help those glands work a bit more efficiently. Consult your vet on the amount you should give your pet, which will vary based on the age, weight and general health of the animal. Vitamin C can also cause diarrhea in some dogs, so it s best to start out with very small amounts to see what they can tolerate.

    My dog has a realky bad ear yeast infection and cant afgoed the vet right now . is there a home remedy .?

    • ANSWER:

    Possible yeast infection?
    Okay so i'm 15 and i've never had sex, i'm a virgin, i've never done anything sexual at all actually.

    I noticed a while ago the head of my penis was starting to turn a greyish white and i thought it was just unclean and i do clean it regularly i might add. but i've only actually been able to pull my foreskin back fully recently, and it felt like it was sticking when i pulled it back. I touched the head and it's really dry, and like my dick always smells really weird.

    someone online said to put baking soda on it, but i only had baking powder and i dissolved that in water and covered the head with it and put my foreskin back over. it's quite stingy and a bit itchy now so i'm wondering if i did the wrong thing. I just sort of need to know what i should do to solve this whole problem without visiting a doctor or something because it's really embarrasing.

    • ANSWER:
      Contrary to popular belief, yeast infections actually have to do with moisture rather than sex. Babies can get yeast infections, and I just cared for a dog who had a yeast infection in her ear. You need to stop doing kind of crazy home remedies that can make things worse and talk to your parents about getting you a doctor's appointment. You are a minor so you can't make the appt yourself. I completely understand that it's embarrassing, but please remember 1. there are male pediatricians you could see if that makes you feel better and 2. male or female, doctors are professionals and there is very little you can throw at a doctor that they haven't seen before. Same with nurses. I hope this helps. You do need to see a doctor.

    Help! Home remedies for a dog's ears?
    My 7 month golden retriever has a yeast infection in her ears. I'm looking for some home remedies that I can try. I've heard that Monistat works? Anyone ever use this? I also heard apple cider vinegar helps too but I don't know the exact recipe. If you have tips, please help me.

    PS I will bring her to the vet so no worries =)
    Vet gave us Mometamax but results are inconclusive.

    • ANSWER:
      The vet gave you Mometamax because it works on yeast infections.

      You should also have some flushing and drying lotion to use in conjunction with the Mometamax. I am not sure if I this is insulting to you but a lot of people have not a clue how to clean a dog's ears.

      So, I will tell you how I have been doing it for over 25 years. First thing I do is pour the flushing lotion in the ear canal and rub the base of the ear. Then I clean it with cotton balls. Get as much garbage out as you can. Then follow up with the drying lotion.

      I usually wait for about 2 hours then stick the tube of M down as far as I can into the ear canal, squirt and rub gently.

      I only use the flushing and drying lotion TWICE A WEEK. Too much of that will irritate the ear.

      The ear needs to be cleaned out before applying the antibiotic twice a day.

      Now, yeast infections take time and consistency. Don't expect this to go away in a few days. We are talking a couple of weeks at least.

      I don't use home remedies in my dog's ears. I use what my vet says.

    Are there any home remedies for my dogs scratching?
    He does not have fleas

    • ANSWER:
      The most common reasons for skin issues (i.e. itching, skin irritation and/or hair loss) include:

      - Allergic reactions to flea bites, food/treats, grooming products or house-cleaning products, etc.
      - Mites
      - Fungal/Bacterial infections (ringworm, yeast, staph etc.) See a remedy below
      - Steroid use (also called prednisone, cortisone or the so-called 'allergy shot')

      Scratching opens the door to secondary skin infections sometimes coupled with a bad odor.


      To allergic dogs just one flea can cause havoc. Even if not visible, you can always see the debris fleas leave behind that looks like finely ground coffee. If placed in water, they will turn red.

      You can get rid of the fleas with natural methods to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals of Frontline, Advantage and other popular flea medications which will cause harm sooner or later. For recommendations see http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Fleas-Naturally Also, you can dust your yard where your dog roams with inexpensive diatomaceous earth. For more info on flea control see http://www.care2.com/greenliving/all-around-non-toxic-flea-control.html
      and http://wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com/diatomaceous_earth_fleas.html

      Check food/treats ingredients. Dog's digestive system is not designed to handle grains well. Discontinue any with corn, wheat, etc. Get ones with no grains with meat as a primary ingredient chicken, lamb, salmon, etc.

      Discontinue use of grooming products or house cleaning products that can be allergens. For a while, use white vinegar as the cleaning agent for your floors, counters, etc. Vinegar has strong cleaning and anticeptic properties and the smell disappears quickly after use. See http://www.vinegarworkswonders.com/faqs.asp


      Three types of mites that attack dogs most often: demodectic (not contagious and may itch or not), sarcoptic (very contagious and extremely itchy) and cheyletiella (contagious and mildly itchy). This condition is known as mange. The typical symptoms of mange as the condition progresses include hair loss and scaly or crusty skin.

      Avoid the medications most often prescribed by vets that contain toxic chemicals which will harm your dog sooner or later. These are Ivermectin (also known as Ivomec) and Amitraz (also known as Mitaban). Instead, I recommend the use of natural products. Search the Internet to find them. I prefer the spray type treatment which is effective, easy to use, and inexpensive that will kill the mites but is harmless to pets and humans. You can get it at http://www.florapetnaturals.com/online-store.html


      As Dr. Karen Becker, DVM states - "Steroids (also called prednisone, cortisone or the nondescript allergy shot ) are the least optimal treatment choice, as they work by suppressing your pet s immune system. Not only can steroids have a negative effect on your pet s liver, adrenal glands and kidneys, but suppressing your pet s immune system with steroids also allows for opportunistic yeast and bacteria to grow on your pet s skin..." Please read the information below: 'Steroids The Great Pretender - Even Low Steroid Doses Can Be Trouble'.

      Many vets assume that pet owners just want to see their pets get better at all cost or if they are not sure about what the problem is they will prescribe steroids knowing the risks. Steroids are very dangerous and do not cure anything, they just mask the symptoms temporarily but the underlying cause remains and result in undesirable health complications, including skin problems.


      For many skin issues I recommend a powder called 'Flowers of Sulfur' (also known as 'brimstone' or 'sublime sulfur').

      This substance has been used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of skin ailments including fungal and bacterial infections and if there is itching, it will stop it very quickly. Google it to learn more about its healing properties.

      Even vets have forgotten about this wonderful and inexpensive remedy but fortunately you can still purchase it at your local pharmacy for very little money. You can also buy it online at http://www.pennherb.com/search?mp=s&se=Flowers+of+Sulphur+Powder

      Flowers of sulfur is safe to apply to your pet's skin but take care not to inhale sulfur powder.

      You can dust this powder on your dog's skin OR mix it with an oil to rub on the skin.

      The dusting can easily be accomplished if you use a powdered sugar duster or an empty talcum powder bottle. Separate the hair as you go around dusting to expose the skin until you have covered it.

      Alternatively, mix 2 tablespoons of flower of sulfur with 1 cup of Jojoba oil and put it in a bottle. Always shake to mix well before applying to the skin as it tends to separate. This method works well for smaller skin areas. You do not need to wear gloves as it is not toxic to humans either.

    how do i get rid of dogs yeast infection?
    we have a pure bread pitt bull who has been scratching for about the last 6 months or so. it's been getting worse lately; he is to the point where he draws blood from scratching so much and is loosing hair from scratching; his skin is bright red where he has lost hair from this. his ears are also red and irritated. he sometimes cries out when he's scratching himself because it hurts him. someone told me that their dog had similar problems and that it was yeast infection. she said that she used a home remedy but couldn't remember exactly what the ingredients were; so what i'm wondering is; what is a home remedy for a dog's yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      First you don't know that your "pure bred pitbull" has a yeast infection. You need to take him to a vet to find out what is wrong with him. He may be allergic to the food you are feeding him or it could be a number of things. And shame on you for letting your dog be miserable for the last six months.

    my pure breed lab has continued yeast infections and the vet bills are to high what home remedy can i use?
    i gave this lab to my father when he became terminal but when i got him back he was sick with ear infections and was to the vet....my dad took very good care of him but when he passed his wife stuck him in a cage and did nothing what the vet said to do with the medication......my dad would turn over in his grave if he seen this done to his dog but i am on a budget and can not afford a vet bill............200 dollars......wow he was just in there ............what home remedy can i do that will work .........and not cost me like the vets do

    • ANSWER:
      Seek out another vet who can give you a remedy and who's not out to steal your money!!

      Tell the vet that you need to see if they have home remedies. Also see if you guys can get to the root of the infection. Why is he constantly getting this infection. Try and fix the problem, not put a band-aid on it.

home remedies for yeast infections in dogs

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